On. That. Grind.

Hey folks, thanks for checking this out. I don't think I've ever actually expressed gratitude to those of you who have checked out my website but I am thankful that you're here!

The most recent pieces of news are:

1) I have a new agent: Talent Poole!

2) I got offered a role in American Nightmare: The Trials of Jeffrey Dahmer by Nathan Schilz, produced by Shadow Horse Theatre!

3) I have earned a Recommended Pass in Singlesword Stage Combat from the Society of American Fight Directors!

4) I completed a Meisner/Chekhov course with Rich Remedios. If you ever get a chance, please study with this man. He primarily teaches the Meisner Technique but he's recently developed an interest in the technique of Michael Chekhov as well. This particular class was essentially a scene study class using the techniques of those two theatre practitioners and it culminated in a showcase that was open to the public. It was an incredible learning experience and I had a lot of fun getting to flex my acting muscles but also in getting to watch my classmates grow and explore.

5) I have been cast in Cyrano on the Moon by Monica Cross with Red Dice Collective for the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

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