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Corey DiNardo                                419-290-0116                            

Height: 5’11”                                                                                                  Weight: 165 lbs

Hair: Brown                                                                                                   Eyes: Brown                                                                           


Jason Posner                                        W;t                                                  Artistry

Malvolio                                              Twelfth Night                                         Apple Valley Live!

Giovanni                                             We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!                Candid Theater Company

The Watchman                                    The Oresteia                                           Hero Now Theatre

Various Characters                              Baskerville                                             Sidekick Theatre

Clutch                                                  Everything’s Free!                                   Mission Theatre Company

Wilson                                                 Terra Nova                                            Hero Now Theatre

Mark                                                    Celebrity Exception                                 Phoenix Theater

Snout                                                   A Midsummer Night’s Dream                  Theatre Coup d’Etat

Dog Hamma                                        Orpheus Descending                                Six Elements Theatre

Richard Jayson                                     The First Man                                        Lex-Ham Community Theatre

Anthony Marston                                And Then There Were None                     Theatre in the Round Players

Various Characters                              Various Scripts                                    The National Theatre for Children

Balthazar/Merchant                              The Comedy of Errors                              Cromulent Shakespeare Company



·                     Bachelor of Arts in Theatre - Bowling Green State University


Acting:     Professional Mentorship - Sally Wingert; Shakespeare & Company weekend intensive - Dave Demke; Shakespeare Master Class - Andrew Wade; Shakespeare class - Alison Edwards; Neutral Mask workshop - Bob Rosen; On-Camera Class - Michelle Hutchison; Simple Clown workshop - Jon Ferguson; Chekhov technique intensive - National Michael Chekhov Association; Meisner training - Rich Remedios; Monologue coaching - Kate Powers.

Movement:     Biomechanics Workshop - Vladimir Rovinsky of Theatre Novi Most

Voice:     Linklater

Stage Combat:     Certified in Knife and Sword & Shield by the Society of American Fight Directors, 2017.

Devising Workshops:     Noah Bremer of Live Action Set; Isabel Nelson of Transatlantic Love Affair; Animal Engine; Company of Wolves

Dialect:     Can learn anything quickly. East Coast, Southern US, and British dialects come easy.



Pretty good at karaoke; works great with children; four semesters of American Sign Language; various impersonations; experienced at hacky-sac; valid driver’s license; Scene Shop skills; roller-blading; bicycling; soccer; baseball; basketball; and football.


Film/commercial work information available upon request.