Corey DiNardo


Glad you're here, I’m Corey DiNardo. I’m an actor working and living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Like I said, I'm Corey DiNardo. I've been living and working as an actor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area since 2013. Before that, I grew up in Northwest Ohio; Toledo to be precise. I have fond memories of growing up there but there weren't many artistic opportunities available for me. Upon graduating from Bowling Green State University, I moved to Minnesota with my girlfriend. She's awesome.

The essence of our profession is to give
— Michael Chekhov

I'm an actor. I act, I tell stories, I find ways to engage with audiences through the use of my body, my voice, and my mind. I have an interest in Shakespeare and new works. To me, the perfect project is one that fulfills me artistically (does it get my creative juices flowing), financially (does it pay my bills), and socially (do I get to hang out with some cool people). They're rare but they're such a joy to be a part of, truthfully.

I'm game for just about any kind of acting gig you can think of: theatre, film, webseries, voice-over, commerical, print, etc. I'm also a huge fan of coffee dates. If you want to reach me, you can shoot me an e-mail at


All the best, 

Corey DiNardo